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Investigation the Effects of Neutron Source Number and

2014619&ensp·&enspIn this paper we have investigated the effects of the number of neutron sources and their orientation on the gamma ray spectrum by using MCNP4C code. The best case for number of sources and their positions and orientations have been achieved corresponding to maximum flux of 10.829 MeV photons. "The Detection of Buried Landmines Using

Gamma and XRay Detection Introduction Canberra

2017112&ensp·&enspGamma and XRay Detection large fraction of the gamma ray energy. This is accomplished by using a detector of suitable size, or by choosing a detector material The high Z of iodine in NaI gives good efficiency for gamma ray detection. A

New magnetic measurement system for determining

2016720&ensp·&enspNew magnetic measurement system for determining metal covered mines by detecting magnetic anomaly using a sensor network Xray back stering, neutron back stering and magnetic anomaly detection. In deciding detection of gamma rays released by the activation of . INDIAN J PURE & APPL PHYS, VOL 53, MARCH 2015

Mine detector system The United States of America as

1977118&ensp·&enspA mine detector system that utilizes an explosive comparator to increase sensitivity and selectivity. The system utilizes a generator to transmit a signal simultaneously toward the area to be scanned for mines and towards a sample of the explosive sought. b. a dual port single gamma ray source for simultaneously transmitting a gamma ray

Detection of antipersonnel landmines using neutrons and

Detection of antipersonnel landmines using neutrons and gammarays Article in Radiation Physics and Chemistry 71(3):749757 · October 2004 with 69 Reads How we measure 'reads'


20181011&ensp·&enspGAMMA – RAY SPECTROSCOPY USING NAI(TL) DETECTOR Zafaran Abdul Fattah Gamma ray with energy at least 1.022MeV could create an electron and positron pair when it was under the influence A changed particle passing through the detection medium would produce a large number of electron–holes pairs

"Radiation characteristics of natural gammaray from coal

Recognition of coal and gangue (roof rock) is a key technology to realize fully mechanized top coal caving automated mining. This paper proposes to detect the instantaneous refuse content of drawn coal and gangue mixture during top coal caving by using natural gammaray technology. The generating environment of coal and rock seams, the distribution characteristics of natural gamma ray from


201919&ensp·&enspConnect the unipolar output to the MCA, set the gate off using MAESTRO. Place a 0.1 uC 137 Cs source on the gamma ray detector and record a spectrum with the MCA using the output of the delay AMP. Adjust the gain of the AMP so that you can see both the 36 keV Xray and the 662 Kev peaks.


2010128&ensp·&enspIt has been implied that a neutron inelastic stering gamma ray detector for landmines can be easily constructed from components used in other roles, such as coal slurry analysis [12]. However, quite the opposite is true. Experience with TNA for mine detection shows that detector systems must be purposebuilt for the role with intense _____

In situ gamma ray measurements of radionuclides at a

A transportable and robust gamma ray detection system (GISPI) was therefore employed to determine the concentrations of naturally occurring radionuclides at a disused phosphate mine on the West Coast of South Africa. The concentrations of radium, thorium and potassium were measured and plotted.

The Humanitarian Demining Crisis:

2008215&ensp·&enspThese technologies are electromagnetic radiography, gamma ray imaging, microwave enhanced infrared, quadrupole resonance and Xray fluorescence. Mine detection using electromagnetic radiation is based on the difference between the electromagnetic properties of the target and the ground.

electromagnetic radiation How can we detect Xrays

20191118&ensp·&enspXrays and gamma rays can be detected by using a scintillation detector. The scintillation detector comprises of NaI (Tl) crystal (scintillator) fixed tightly on a photomultiplier tube in a Gamma Ray spectrometer. For detection and measurement of gamma rays one inch or more thick scintillator in used. For Xrays thin scintillator is used.

Cosmic ray / Gamma ray / Neutrino experiments

2018613&ensp·&enspCosmicray and gammaray experiments Space experiments (see review) ACE [Advanced Composition Explorer] Mission mainly for solar particles launched in August 1997. AGILE [Astrorivelatore Gamma a Immagini LEggero] Xray/gamma ray mission launched April 23, 2007.

Proceedings Paper SPIE

20011218&ensp·&enspThis is in excellent agreement with calculations performed in the design phase of this system. Combined with the myriad other benefits associated with DT generators over isotopic sources, these results demonstrate the desirability of using a DT generator in a TNA land mine detection system.

Gamma neutron assay method and apparatus(Patent) DOE

201994&ensp·&enspMethod and apparatus for measuring incombustible content of particulate material, particularly coal mine dust, includes placing a sample of the particulate material in a container to define a pair of angularly oriented surfaces of the sample, directing an incident gammaray beam from a radiation source at one surface of the sample and detecting

LiDAR Survey of the Joggins Formation in the Coal Mine

2014912&ensp·&enspUsing the 3D survey coupled with other tools including Formation at Coal Mine Point. Gamma Ray is representative of the lithology. .. 30 Figure 3.5 Petrel render of the data set. LiDAR Survey of the Joggins Formation in the Coal Mine Point

GammaRay Backster Imaging for Landmine detection

2007216&ensp·&enspGammaRay Backster Imaging for Landmine detection J. Gerla aGesellschaft fu¨r Schwerionenforschung, D64291 Darmstadt, Germany Recently a novel γbackster imaging technique has been introduced, which uses the source of γrays effectively

The SemiHooperon: Gammaray and antiproton

201892&ensp·&enspWIMPWIMP !WIMPX being responsible for the gammaray excess, where X=h,Z. An interesting feature of semiannihilations is the change in the relic density prediction compared to the standard case, and the possibility to alleviate stringent limits stemming from direct detection searches. Moreover, we discuss which

Radiation characteristics of natural gammaray from coal

The generating environment of coal and rock seams, the distribution characteristics of natural gamma ray from coal and roofrock and the principle of coalgangue recognition using natural gammaray method were analyzed. The natural gamma ray radiation characteristics of coal and roofrock seams from seven different typical coal mine areas who

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